MACHINE LEARNING- The most demanded skill of this era!



Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models. The computer uses these models. To perform specific tasks by itself. It performs a task without using precise instructions. MACHINE LEARNING concept develops in a machine the ability to learn.


Arthur Sameul, first coined the term “MACHINE LEARNING”. He was an American pioneer. In the field of computer gaming and artificial intelligence. The work on artificial intelligence was started in the 1950s. MACHINE LEARNING started to flourish in the 1990s.


There are many applications of MACHINE LEARNING in today’s world. In earlier times, we used computers just to make the calculation easier. Nowadays, apart from calculations. There are many real-life works which have become easier. There are several smart ways to do simple and complex works. We use computers to perform work smartly.

Today, we use MACHINE LEARNING in fields like Agriculture, marketing, medical, etc. We also use MACHINE LEARNING in online advertisement, computer networks, etc.

Today, we have computers to which we can talk. We can ask questions from computers. In response to the questions, the computer gives the answer. There are facilities by which we can talk to our computer. We have a personal assistant to interact with. You can talk to them. We can ask them to do certain work.

We have Siri as an assistant in iPhones. There is google now as an assistant for android phones. For google we have, google assistant. These are our virtual assistants who make our work smart. In windows, we have Cortana as an assistant.

And this is only possible by the concept of artificial intelligence. When we ask about the time from these assistants, they give the time. You can also ask difficult questions to them and they will give the answers. Hence, somewhere we feel like we are talking to a person. But this is the computer.

This proves that the computer can think. Artificial intelligence enables the computer to think and respond. Although, we are talking to the computer but it makes us feel we are talking to a person.

MACHINE LEARNING is a part of artificial intelligence.


Since everybody want to do something which is different from others. At a time, there was a craze of software development. Then we had a trend of mobile applications. But now, we have artificial intelligence. It is the time of artificial intelligence. All IT companies are moving towards artificial intelligence. The question arises why? Because it enables the smarter way to perform different tasks. Most of the top companies have their own personal assistant now.

We have customer care for mobile networks. Nowadays, human resource is replaced by artificial intelligence. When you talk to customer care, it is not a person. It is a computer to which you are talking. The computer understands you and your problems. And then solves it efficiently. It is built on artificial intelligence.

When you upload photos on facebook and with your friends. Facebook automatically recognizes your friend’s face with his/her name. Have you noticed it? Artificial intelligence does this. Facebook also uses AI.


AI is for you. If you like mathematics, to solve real-world problems, like challenges. Then AI is best for you. And also AI is the most trendy specialization. There is lot of money in this field.

Creating software which can learn by themselves is MACHINE LEARNING. There is a method by which the machine learns. It learns by the input. When we provide more inputs to the machine. It gets to experience. And hence it learns. In MACHINE LEARNING, the computer learns by experience.

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