Make Your Own Blog to Make Money

Start earning online with your own blog. It is very easy to make a blog or website to make money online. You can earn money about $2500 or more from the blog. We will explain to you the whole process of site formation and earning. Check out the process and try to make your blog. There is various article over how to make a website but in this article, you get details of each process in two different fields.

How to make a website in Blogger

1. Open Your browser ( Google or Bing ) 

2. Search on your Browser     ” google blogger

How to make a website

3. Click on the first link this page will open


 4. Click on the red button ” create new blog “

You will get this new page

4. Enter your blog title, address and select your theme then click on create blog!


5.Your site is created


6. You can customize your site on clicking Theme and then on customize


7. You can new article on clicking button ” New post ”


This is the way by which you can create your blogger site in a very easy way. Further, we will discuss how to make the site on WordPress in easy way.